A record producer is someone who works mainly "behind-the-scenes" of creating a CD or an individual song in a recording studio. There are two main types of record producers; music producer, and executive producer.

  • Music producer - Works with and manipulates the more music-related aspects of a CD or song, such as mixing, editing, creating beats, pitch correction, extra instrumentation and related subjects. Nowadays, most of this is done using simply a piano or keyboard, and a powerful recording software on a computer that comes with various functions, including sound effects and instrumentation. For example; Mariah Carey, R. Kelly, Michael Jackson.
  • Executive producer - In charge of the financial aspects of creating a CD or song. Typically, an executive producer will hire and pay musicians, music producers, and photographers to work on the CD, and also develop a budget to follow in order to create it. An executive producer might be in charge of making the final decisions before releasing a CD. An executive producer may also be the chairman of a record label or company.Examples of executive producers; Rihanna, Toni Braxton.

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